Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_01 As it was the weekend before Halloween, Alexia and I decided to go to our local farm to carefully select a few pumpkins, frolic in the fields and of course take a few photos along the way. The pumpkin patch was already packed with families and kids being plonked on pumpkins for cute photo opportunities (I would totally do the same). After a delightful lesson from Alexia about how pumpkins actually grow we explored the area trying to pick our favourites. Having poured with the rain the day before it was super muddy so we stomped around the fields in our wellies. Amongst a lot of mashed pumpkin we finally managed to find some cute little ones to take home. We ventured on to some quieter parts of the farm including the amazing Dahlia fields. There were rows and rows of these blooming flowers in the most amazing bright colours. Now we just have to decide what to do with our pumpkins…

Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_02 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_03 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_04 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_05 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_06 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_07 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_08 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_09 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_10 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_11 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_12 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_13 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_14 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_15 Pumpkins_Afternoon_Crumbs_16

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