A La Carte Lipsticks


There’s something very exciting about Christmas parties and getting all dressed up. Choosing what to wear, something festive, maybe overly embellished, slightly on the verge of fancy dress. Debating whether the shoes you wore last year are ok to wear again and hoping they will be a little kinder to you this year. Then actually getting ready, putting make up on while listening to Mariah Carey to get you in the mood. I’m sure the reality is never as good as the getting ready but Christmas parties are fun. So fun. I’m sure there are many that have already had them, still fresh with hangovers and memories of clumsy dancing after too many Christmassy drinks.

If you’ve partied or are yet to party this year I hope you did it wearing this lipstick or kissed someone that was. It’s my all time favourite red. I wear it all year round but like to crack it out most days during the party season. It’s a Cosmetics Al La Carte Lipstick called ‘Vintage’ it lasts for aaaages and is the perfect shade. I was mega thrilled when they asked if I would make some replica lipstick biscuits to give out as Christmas gifts. I used this cutter and decorated them by piping and flooding a pale grey royal icing which I then painted silver. I then matched the red colour for the lipstick part.

Merry Christmas Cosmetics Al La Carte! x

Lipsticks_02 Lipsticks_03 Lipsticks_04 Lipsticks_05 Lipsticks_06

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