Biscuit Bouquets with Lost Found Keep


Alexia and I had so much fun last year collaborating for Valentine’s Day that we decided to join forces again. We chose to combine my baking with Alexia’s flower talents for a super cute Valentine’s gift. We thought people might want to give a little sweet treat as well as flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. I made vanilla biscuits with holes so that they could be attached to the jars with ribbon. I used royal icing to decorate the biscuits and wrote little love messages on the hearts. I like that they could say just about anything. Whether it’s asking someone out, letting your partner how much you love them or telling your best friend how much they mean to you. Head on over to Alexia’s blog to read all about the flowers we used and what she created.

You can order these Biscuit Bouquets for Valentine’s Day here!

Biscuit_Bouquets_02Biscuit_Bouquets_03Biscuit_Bouquets_04Biscuit_Bouquets_15 Biscuit_Bouquets_16Biscuit_Bouquets_05Biscuit_Bouquets_06Biscuit_Bouquets_11Biscuit_Bouquets_08Biscuit_Bouquets_07Biscuit_Bouquets_09Biscuit_Bouquets_12Biscuit_Bouquets_13 Biscuit_Bouquets_14

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