Cutter and Squidge


I was heading to dinner in Soho with my friends Alexia and Gabi just before Christmas when we walked past a pretty awesome looking cake shop, Cutter and Squidge. I ducked in and asked what time they closed thinking that it would be in the next few minutes or so. They said they closed at 10pm making it the perfect place for post-dinner dessert. We rushed back after our meal and spent ages oohing and aahing over the variety of treats behind the glass. The shop was just as cute as it’s name, with cakes lined up and shelves of chocolates and caramels perfectly packaged. We visited each cake in their clear domes before choosing which we would indulge in. Even thought we probably could have tried a bite of each we opted for a huge slice of pumpkin spice cake and cups of tea. It was seriously good and didn’t last very long, I just about managed a few photos. Definitely head there for a late night cake fix or an afternoon tea and chill with friends. I’m gonna try a biskie next time!

Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_01 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_03 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_04 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_05 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_06 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_07 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_08 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_09 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_10 Cutter_Squidge_Afternoon_Crumbs_11

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