Notes from New York


After a few days in Nashville we flew to New York. I was really excited to be in New York at this time as although Thanksgiving hadn’t happened yet there were still hints of Christmas emerging in the shops and street decorations. Here are some highlights from New York…

Brooklyn Bridge

There’s something so lovely about walking over Brooklyn Bridge. It was super cold but also sunny and clear which made the views really nice. We stopped for a few photo ops along the walk. We spent the day in Brooklyn shopping in quirky local stores and eating awesome pizza

NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_02 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_03 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_04 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_05


These are pretty much one of my favourite things in New York. Cheeseburger Spring Rolls!! They can be found at Delicatessen in Soho and are the best cure for jet lag.


SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park

Alexia had spotted this carousel on her Instagram feed and we all wanted to visit. We wandered over to Battery Park one afternoon. The Carousel was equal parts cool and strange. Each person sits inside a fish and you go up and down listening to the ‘Apprentice’ music. It was weirdly relaxing and probably even better at night with all the lights.

NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_07 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_08 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_09 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_10 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_11

Egg Shop

We rocked up to Egg Shop in Soho for breakfast. We had heard good things and seen some good snaps of the food online and judging by the wait to get in it was clearly all true. We stuck it out and had amazingly delicious egg sandwiches.

NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_12 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_13 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_14

Central Park, 5th Ave, Magnolia and Macy’s

Autumn in New York really is so pretty. We went to Central Park to see all the colours of the leaves, have a nice long walk and check out the local dogs. We walked up 5th Ave to see the shops that were already decorated for Christmas. Tiffany was by far my favourite. I insisted on stopping for a snack at Magnolia. It’s always busy but the cupcakes are good and I tried their famous banana pudding which is one of the best things ever. Wanting to soak in the most New York at Christmas time that we could we trekked over to a department store to see the decorations and get in the festive spirit. Macy’s was packed full of decorations – the cake and sweets themed tree was epic.

NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_15 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_16 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_17 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_19 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_20 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_21 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_22 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_23 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_24 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_25

Tattly Parlour

This was one of the places we stopped in Brooklyn. Tattly, a temporary tattoo company had just opened their temporary tattoo parlour so we went to get ‘inked’. It was so well done – having the feel of a tattoo parlour complete with chairs and tattoo artists waiting to painlessly apply your choice of tatt. I opted for a pizza one, obv.

NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_29NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_26 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_27NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_28

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Being only a tiny walk from our hotel there was no excuse not to visit one of my favourite cake shops. It’s really cute and quaint and does the best peanut butter and jelly cake. The perfect spot to have cake for breakfast.

NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_30 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_31 NY_Afternoon_Crumbs_32

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