Happy 18th Birthday Sabrina


You’d think being asked to put someone’s whole life on a cake would be mega challenging, but I loved making this cake for the lovely Sabrina who turned 18 this week. I’ve been scheming with Sabrina’s Mum, Donna, about this cake for a while. She wanted the cake to tell the story of her life and represent all the people and things she loves. The three tier cake was covered in edible photos of her family, closest friends and the cutest old school photo I’ve ever seen. I made lots of sugar decorations including her beloved dog Lolly, her tennis racquet, her car and childhood pet fish. It also featured lots of symbols and logos that mean different things to her from school crests to flags as a nod to her heritage. The cake was finished with some black ribbon, pink wafer paper flowers and a gold cake topper in keeping with her party décor and invitation. I loved seeing this cake come together once I assembled it and placed all the decorations. It was so nice that it was so personal and each part of the cake would mean something to her and be a nice celebration of her 18 years so far. Happy 18th Birthday Sabrina! x

Sabrina_01 Sabrina_02 Sabrina_03 Sabrina_04 Sabrina_05 Sabrina_06 Sabrina_07 Sabrina_08 Sabrina_09 Sabrina_10 Sabrina_11 Sabrina_12 Sabrina_13 Sabrina_14Sabrina Cake

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