Favourite Things Drip Cake


My Grandpa would be pestering me to get this blog post up faster than I am, featuring lots of photos of him of course, but he’s too busy playing with his new Apple Watch…he turned 87 today and is one of the coolest people I know. For his birthday cake I thought I would do him a special coconut (his favourite flavour) drip cake topped with some of his favourite things. I made a teeny pair of trainers – he still goes to the gym most days and is always telling me about all these new fancy classes he’s been trying out. I didn’t even know Aqua Zumba was a thing until he went. A monkey – they are his favourite, he loves any sort of nature show and monkeys always make him laugh. A photo of his beloved grandchildren – duuuh. His iPhone – he is so into all his technology, constantly checking out my Instagram, taking photos and sending me the sweetest texts. Lastly a photo of my Grandmother in a little heart frame because obviously she is his favourite. I added some extra coconut in the form of Bountys and Rafaellos and rainbow sprinkles too. Happy Birthday Grandpa! xx

Grandpa_02 Grandpa_03 Grandpa_04 Grandpa_05 Grandpa_06 Grandpa_07 Grandpa_08 Grandpa_09 Grandpa_10 Grandpa_11 Grandpa_12

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