Rugby Birthday Cake


Today is my Dad’s birthday! The plan for the cake came from my sister Lauren. She chose a Rugby themed cake because Dad is Rugby mad AND the Six Nations are on at the moment. Bonus. I made him a Victoria Sponge cake covered in green fondant and decorated with an England rugby player scoring a try. I moulded the figure and the ball out of fondant – trying to make him as cute looking as possible (I think he looked like a character from the old TV show Camberwick Green – Google it. It was weird but cute). I liked doing all the details such as the hair, the player number, the rugby socks and the lettering on the ball. I made him muddy with some coloured royal icing and added grass using this nozzle. I fashioned the rugby posts from plastic dowels which I trimmed and attached together with a glue gun. I loved making this cake and loved seeing his reaction even more. Happy Birthday Dad! xx

Rugby_Cake_02 Rugby_Cake_03 Rugby_Cake_04 Rugby_Cake_05 Rugby_Cake_06 Rugby_Cake_07 Rugby_Cake_08 Rugby_Cake_09 Rugby_Cake_10

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