Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I’m having the best day so far. I threw a Valentine’s Afternoon Tea for the ones I love. We served an array of Valentines treats I made including Vanilla heart biscuits, mini Oreo cupcakes, Love Heart Cupcakes and Raspberry Macarons. We also had Valentine’s Eclairs from Maitre Choux, Fondant fancies, and heart-shaped sandwiches that my Grandmother made for us. The whole table was super romantic with vintage tea sets and postcards, pink table cloth, and heart decorations. We also blew up lots of balloons and had heart bunting. Obviously. It was so nice to sit and have tea and chat over cake with my Valentines. Hope everyone is having a sweet Valentine’s Day with the ones they love.

Valentines_Tea_02 Valentines_Tea_03 Valentines_Tea_04 Valentines_Tea_05 Valentines_Tea_06 Valentines_Tea_07 Valentines_Tea_08 Valentines_Tea_09 Valentines_Tea_10 Valentines_Tea_11 Valentines_Tea_12 Valentines_Tea_13 Valentines_Tea_14 Valentines_Tea_15 Valentines_Tea_16 Valentines_Tea_17 Valentines_Tea_18

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