Valentine’s Puzzles


A few weeks ago I found this cutter among my collection. Having never used it I thought I’d test it out and make some Valentine’s biscuits for my friends and favourite couples. I made some vanilla biscuit dough and used the cutters to make 5 pairs. It was a bit of a disappointment when after they baked I could only fit one pair together. Boo. I think I needed to chill the cut biscuits longer before I baked them to hold their shape. They were still super cute – like those best friend necklaces. I decorated them with red and pink royal icing, inverting the design on each. I piped on the names of my recently married friends/ones getting married this year, my parents and my grandparents. I definitely will try them again maybe with a tweaked recipe and more fridge related patience.

Valentines_Puzzle_02 Valentines_Puzzle_03 Valentines_Puzzle_04

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