April Adventures


This is a pretty cakeless blog post. It’s more of a PSA/life update. I’m very excited to be off on a little adventure the whole of April with Lauren, Alexia and Steve. We are heading back to Coachella festival and a few other places including LA, Vegas, Hawaii (!!!), Seattle and Portland. Please message me with any must-see places or food spots in any of these places – recommendations are always the best! I’m pretty excited to have time to see new parts of the world, be inspired and have the time to sketch and dream up lots of exciting cakey things for you all. I’ll be posting over on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (Alexia insisted I get it but I’m still learning) – hoping to share with you all the best parts of our trip and trying to fill your feed with as many yummy cakes as I can find. I’m going say I’ll attempt some blog posts as I go, but don’t hold me to that as I have yet to tackle WordPress on my iPad! While I won’t be taking on any orders for April I’ll still be on email so please message with enquiries for May onwards, I’d love to hear from you! Can’t wait to share my trip with you all…I’m waaaaay over excited! Now I just have to pack…

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