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Warning: This post may contain spoilers…

I think I was pretty late to the Game of Thrones party. A friend insisted I watch it a year ago, she couldn’t understand how I wasn’t in to it already. It took me less than a month to catch up on the first five seasons and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve been dying to make a GOT cake for ages. I really really wanted to make a throne and drip some blood. For the cake itself I made a classic Victoria Sponge layered on to a black cake board. It’s nowhere near the amount of blood shed on the show but for the one on the cake I thought I’d do my new favourite thing, colouring white chocolate ganache for drips.

I made the throne a couple days in advance so that it would have time to dry between each stage. It wasn’t toooooo tricky structurally and I went about making it roughly based on this tutorial that I found on Pinterest. I used a mixture of grey fondant and flower paste for the tall spikes at the top. I made it in two parts. The block bottom part that I shaped to a seat and covered in strips of fondant and the side arms of the chair covered in the same way. I made the back separately, measuring against the bottom and adding the strips, spikes and swords on the front and back. I waited a day for them to dry out and attached them using royal icing then let it dry for another day before brushing it with a mixture of silver, beige and brown dust before putting it on the cake.

I also made chocolate cupcakes filled with caramel and topped with peanut butter frosting with GOT toppers to match the cake. They featured phrases, house symbols, dragon eggs, the hand of the king pin, a three-eyed raven,  Arya’s up-to-date kill list and Ned Stark’s head…

GOT_02 GOT_03 GOT_04 GOT_05 GOT_06 GOT_07 GOT_08 GOT_09 GOT_10 GOT_11 GOT_12 GOT_13 GOT_14 GOT_15 GOT_16

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