Granny’s Hydrangea Cake


My grandmother is pretty damn amazing. Today she turned 93. She’s super funny, has great chat (she tells the best stories, I especially like the ones about things she ate as a kid in New York) and she has more energy for life than I do at 26.

She has a thing for pink and flowers so that’s normally the theme for her birthday cakes. This year I wanted to use fresh flowers and something other than roses, which I’d done for her before. I fell totally in love with these pink-edged hydrangeas. Hydrangeas aren’t the wisest option for cake flowers – they need ALL the water and wilt super quick. I combated this by decorating the cake with flowers right before I took it over to her. Definitely don’t try and use them the day before – they will look sad and you will be sad. I loved them too much not to use them though and I mixed them with these killer pink ombré sweet peas and other white little things I can’t quite remember the name of. The cake itself was a Victoria Sponge with a pink white chocolate ganache drip. She loved it and I loved how the cake matched her couch. Happy Birthday Granny! x

Granny_Drip_02 Granny_Drip_03 Granny_Drip_04 Granny_Drip_05 Granny_Drip_06 Granny_Drip_07 Granny_Drip_08 Granny_Drip_09 Granny_Drip_10 Granny_Drip_11 Granny_Drip_12 Granny_Drip_13 Granny_Drip_14

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