Joshua Tree House


While this is a less sugar-based post from our travels, Joshua Tree was definitely my favourite stop so I had to share some pics from our stay there.

Steve and Alexia had been to Joshua Tree a year earlier and loved it. We wanted to visit too and stay a night in the desert before heading to Coachella.

We managed to find THE BEST Airbnb up in the hills. The house was perfect – it smelt of log fires and had a quirky mix of furniture and decorations like you would find in any Soho House. You can check all the details and more pretty photos here. After being in hotels it was really nice to all hang on a couch and have some lounge space to chat, listen to the extensive vinyl collection, sit by the fire and eat pizza together (not photographed was the Papa John’s we had delivered to what seemed the middle of nowhere!). We got up really early the next morning to watch the sunrise from the amazing view on the back of the property. We spent the rest of the morning snoozing, drinking cups of tea and basically pretending we lived there. We couldn’t leave the house without playing photoshoot first – the light was insane and we couldn’t resist using the vintage magazines as props…

We said goodbye to the house and headed down the hill to a breakfast of eggs, coffee beignets and passionfruit sodas. Before driving to Coachella we stopped at the Joshua Tree Park Cactus Garden to see the ombré cacti which stretched out as far as you can see.

P.S. All the nice photos of us girls taken by Steve Booker!

Joshua_Tree_02 Joshua_Tree_03 Joshua_Tree_04 Joshua_Tree_05 Joshua_Tree_06 Joshua_Tree_07 Joshua_Tree_08 Joshua_Tree_09 Joshua_Tree_10 Joshua_Tree_11 Joshua_Tree_12 Joshua_Tree_13 Joshua_Tree_14Joshua_Tree_15 Joshua_Tree_16

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