Biscuits for Betty


I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved making these flowery biscuits for Betty Magazine’s 5th Birthday and new issue launch partaaay. Betty is a super cool independent magazine covering food, fashion and lifestyle. Guys, I want to live in the magazine – it’s filled with THE most gorgeous photos! The theme was #BettyInBloom and the whole place was a photo taking dream. The whitewashed JJ Studios loft space was filled with flowers from Harriet Parry (including a whole flower wall!) dotted with Oliver Bonas furniture and stocked full of Vicky’s Donuts, Koval whisky cocktails and Lapp Cocktail Ice lollies (the peach bellini one was mega). I made these bold vanilla flower biscuits in bright colours including some to match the flowers on the cover of the magazine. They were all handpiped and painted – you can see a video of me working on them here! There are lots of photos below of the event – it was so nice to meet everyone and see everyone enjoying my biscuits. A HUGE thank you to Betty for including me; it was so much fun. You can order the new issue here.

Betty_Biscuits_02 Betty_Biscuits_03 Betty_Biscuits_04 Betty_Biscuits_05 Betty_Biscuits_06 Betty_Biscuits_07 Betty_Biscuits_08 Betty_Biscuits_09 Betty_Biscuits_10 Betty_Biscuits_11 Betty_Biscuits_12 Betty_Biscuits_13 Betty_Biscuits_14 Betty_Biscuits_15 Betty_Biscuits_16 Betty_Biscuits_17 Betty_Biscuits_18 Betty_Biscuits_19 Betty_Biscuits_20 Betty_Biscuits_21 Betty_Biscuits_22

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  1. Thank you so much for coming and capturing the event! We love your photos just as much as your biscuits!

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