Friends Cupcakes


How YOOOOOOU doing?

I’ve pretty much spent most of my life watching Friends. I started watching it when I was pretty little. Although I obviously didn’t understand all the jokes way back when (the fake laughing in the background was the judge of when to laugh) it’s one of those programmes that I didn’t stop enjoying the older I got, it just got better.

We had some of the first series on VHS when I was young and when I was sick and off school I would watch Friends. That’s just what ya do. I must have seen those ones thousands of times. I remember we used to get my Aunt who lived in America to tape them and send them over as the episodes aired there way before the UK (extra bonus: she used to cut out the ads, probably quite a skill in the 90s).

It’s one of those shows that you can watch with whoever, whenever and it doesn’t stop being funny. I’d watch it with my grandparents, when I got home from school, when I got home from Uni, even now when I’m taking a baking break…It’s full of great characters, silly catchphrases and will always be one of my faves.

A fellow Friends-lover Shannon had her birthday last week so I made her these to celebrate. It was so much fun making all the little Friends icons, especially the couch! Others include Smelly Cat, The ‘Joey Special’, Monica’s Door and the Central Perk logo which I hand drew and painted.

If you’re a Friends super fan Friends Fest is about to happen again, all the details and tickets are here. We went back in September (pic!) and it was awesome.

Friends_02 Friends_03 Friends_04 Friends_05 Friends_06 Friends_07 Friends_08 Friends_09 Friends_10

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