Oliver Bonas Christmas in July


It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaas! I know it’s a bit weird looking at Christmas things in the middle of July but it’s totally a thing. Tons of companies have ‘Christmas in July’ where they display all their upcoming festive products on a special press day. I was asked by the lovely ladies at Oliver Bonas to make some biscuit favours for their event last week. They wanted biscuits to match their ombré bauble collection and branded with their alternative logo which you can see here.

I had lots of fun figuring out how to make them – I’d never airbrushed before, but knew this would give the best effect and look most like the baubles. I invested in this airbrush which I think is now one of the best things I’ve bought. It was easy to use with clear instructions. I also used their airbrush colours and there’s a video of me using it here. I started by baking vanilla biscuits and used this cutter. I then flooded each biscuit white so that the airbrush colour would be bright and not mix with the background colour. I dusted each biscuit with the corresponding sparkly dust so they would catch the light. To finish the biscuits I hand wrote the logo on each one just using a black edible pen. I used this ribbon so it would look like they were actual Christmas decorations and guests could take them home and hang them.

The event itself was gorgeous. It was so great to have a sneak peek at all the new goodies and make a few mental notes in preparation for Christmas shopping. I definitely have my eye on a few cake stands! I loved seeing the biscuits next to the real baubles, they looked so fun and colourful. Thanks so much Oliver Bonas!

Oliver_Bonas_02 Oliver_Bonas_03 Oliver_Bonas_04 Oliver_Bonas_05 Oliver_Bonas_06 Oliver_Bonas_07 Oliver_Bonas_08 Oliver_Bonas_09 Oliver_Bonas_10 Oliver_Bonas_11 Oliver_Bonas_12 Oliver_Bonas_13 Oliver_Bonas_14 Oliver_Bonas_15 Oliver_Bonas_16 Oliver_Bonas_17 Oliver_Bonas_18 Oliver_Bonas_19 Oliver_Bonas_20 Oliver_Bonas_21 Oliver_Bonas_22 Oliver_Bonas_23 Oliver_Bonas_24 Oliver_Bonas_25 Oliver_Bonas_26 Oliver_Bonas_27 Oliver_Bonas_28

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