Football Cake


I made this cake ages ago but I’m only posting it now because the timing is a lot less awkward. It was ready to post it just after we had crashed out of the World Cup and everyone was pretty disappointed and totally over the football – I figured all anyone would want to see the day after was me showing them a football cake. Now that the season starts again today I figured it was a much more appropriate to share now. I made this one for a Man United mad kid so obviously included a fan scarf with the printed logo. The cake itself was a victoria sponge covered in green fondant. The little football cake on top was made using this tin and filled with little chocolate footballs (I made two so you can see one cut). To ice the football I cut out the shapes as templates then cut them out of fondant and arranged them on the spherical cake. I was so excited to finally make a proper football cake. Think I will have spent more time making this cake than I will watching any football this season :)

Football_Cake_02 Football_Cake_03 Football_Cake_04 Football_Cake_05 Football_Cake_06 Football_Cake_07 Football_Cake_08

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