The Painted Cake


I went to see Natasha Collins talk and do a demo at a cake show a little while back. I’ve been meaning to buy her book and have a proper go a cake painting ever since. Last week I finally go around to buying her book The Painted Cake and it’s awesome. The timing was perfect as it was my Grandy’s birthday this week so I attempted one of the cakes from the book for her. I copied one of her designs completely – just to get an idea of how to layer the paints properly and figure out where the shadows go etc. I studied fine art painting at art college but never really worked in watercolours, which is similar to this style of painting. I chose to paint this free hand just as I felt I could but if you’re less confident the book was easy to follow with lots of step by steps and templates. While I still need to work on getting the right consistency with my paints (there were still some watermarks) I love the overall look. I was totally inspired by the book and will definitely be playing around lots more with my own colour combinations and flowers. The cake itself was chocolate filled with salted caramel buttercream and an extra layer of salted caramel – so good! Happy Birthday Grandy! x

Painted_Cake_02 Painted_Cake_03 Painted_Cake_04 Painted_Cake_05 Painted_Cake_06 Painted_Cake_07 Painted_Cake_08 Painted_Cake_09 Painted_Cake_10 Painted_Cake_11 Painted_Cake_12

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