Lauren’s 30th Birthday Cake


My big sister is 30 today!!!! I don’t know where to start to tell you just how lucky I am to have Lauren as a sister. She’s the kindest, smartest, most caring person in my life and I don’t know how I would be me without her.

This weekend she celebrated her birthday with THE funnest 90s themed birthday party at All Star Lanes. It was full of amazing cocktails, food, bowling, props, lots of 90s dressing up and of course I made her a big cake. It’s hands down one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. It was so much fun to design, make all the bits and remind myself of all the great things from our childhood.

I started off by making three tiers of Oreo cake (her request) which I covered in purple fondant, her favourite colour. I decorated it with a mixture of hand made and printed things from the 90s. I made a Beanie Baby, Tamagotchi, Mood Ring, Old Nokia phone, Polaroid complete with a photo of her with the Spice Girls, Troll doll, Lisa Frank stickers, Friends Door frame to name a few. I also printed some posters of TV shows and films we used to watch and covers to board games we used to play. I finished it with a topper from FunkyLaser who are great at making bespoke pieces. It read ’30 going on 13’ which was the theme for the party. My favourite part was making the Nickelodeon sign and slime royal icing drip – the best 90s TV channel. It was full of lots of details I knew she would appreciate and hope it made her birthday extra special.

Happy 30th Birthday Lauren! xxx

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