christmas cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes 2014


I’m very aware how long it’s been since my last post! Hopefully you’ve been catching a few of my little updates on Instagram but honestly I’ve been pretty slack with the posting this December. This is mostly due to the mega load of festive biscuits and cupcakes I’ve been making. Oh and a bit of manic shopping. Once I’d finished all my baking orders, I made these. To me it feels like Christmas when

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Christmas Cupcakes

One of the best things about Christmas is when you receive something you weren’t expecting. Those surprise moments (we’ve all watched that guy holding the boards in Love Actually 100 times. No? Just me?). I think that whole ‘just because it’s Christmas’ thing doesn’t happen enough. That’s where these cupcakes step in. To spread some unexpected Christmas cheer, I got up on Tuesday morning and made a load of these to give to out to friends and to the lovely people in my Dad’s office. I’ve had in my head for ages exactly how I wanted these cupcakes to look. I handmade all

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Moonflower Christmas Preview

Ok so I’m trying my best to do some catching up with you guys this week. Let me start by telling you about the amazing event I made some cakes for a couple of weeks back. It was for my local florist Moonflower. They are incredible all year round but make especially magical creations around Christmas. Every year they transform our house with their beautiful arrangements and I always love seeing what they come up with for each room. The build up to Christmas wouldn’t be the same without

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