fresh flower cake

Granny’s Hydrangea Cake


My grandmother is pretty damn amazing. Today she turned 93. She’s super funny, has great chat (she tells the best stories, I especially like the ones about things she ate as a kid in New York) and she has more energy for life than I do at 26.

She has a thing for pink and flowers so that’s normally the theme for her birthday cakes. This year I wanted to use fresh flowers and something other than roses, which I’d done for her before. I fell totally in love with these pink-edged hydrangeas. Hydrangeas aren’t the wisest option for cake flowers – they need ALL the water and wilt super quick. I combated this by decorating the cake with flowers right before I took it over to her. Definitely don’t try and

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Happy Birthday Ginetta

I don’t really see Ginetta as my friend’s Mum, but as one of my own friends. She is amazing for so many reasons. Not only is she one heck of a scrabble opponent (we’ve been constantly playing ‘Words With Friends’ for years now),but she is warm, kind and has always been so welcoming to me. She is also one of those incredible people full of drive, ambition and passion for things she loves. For her 50th birthday cake I decided to

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