macaron cake

50th Birthday Macaron Cake


It seems my blog is having a bit of a macaron moment. Not sorry. I made a similar macaron cake to this one last year for my cousin but in rainbow colours. I seriously love the idea of combining the two things to make an epic looking cake. I had promised my pilates teacher and friend Donna that I would make her a macaron cake for her 50th birthday and seeing as she forgot this, it was an even better surprise when

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Macaron Cake

This might be one of my favourite things I’ve made to date. Nothing says birthday like rainbow and this birthday cake is for my cousin Eloise. She doesn’t really like cake (what?! yes.) but really liked my raspberry macarons so I decided to go on that. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and made multiple scrawly drawings trying to plan and get it perfect. Because I feel a birthday cake should have at least a small amount of cake, I made a vanilla sponge to act as a pedestal for the macarons. I lined the outside of the cake in

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