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Stylist Live

Stylist_Live_01I was walking out of the Business Design Centre on Sunday when I turned to my sister and said ‘I’m so happy no one tried to sell me a garlic peeler’. Not that I expected it to be, but Stylist Live wasn’t like any other exhibition show. It was filled with a mix of well-loved brands and cute boutique businesses, inspiring guests and tasty treats.

Stylist Live is basically Stylist Magazine come to life with great talks, fashion and food. My Mum, sister Lauren, friend Shereene and I got there early and within the first few minutes of arriving I had a glass of Prosecco in one hand and a Lindt ball in the other. Not a bad breakfast. We headed straight for the awesome photo backgrounds to snap a few photos under the Stylist logo. The pink balloons were my fave, mostly because they matched my drink. We then wandered

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