January 2016

Notes from New York


After a few days in Nashville we flew to New York. I was really excited to be in New York at this time as although Thanksgiving hadn’t happened yet there were still hints of Christmas emerging in the shops and street decorations. Here are some highlights from New York…

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Notes from Nashville


Back in November Lauren, Steve, Alexia and I took a little two-part trip to Nashville and then New York. We had been to Nashville before so left out most of the classic places to visit such as the Ryman and Country Music Hall of Fame. Our adventure to Nashville was purely based on our love of the TV show with the same name. We went to visit some of our favourite locations from the show such as the Blue Bird Café, went to see the cast film a few scenes and explored some good places to shop, eat and drink. Nashville was full of pockets of really great cool places. We discovered Pinewood Social on the last night – a huge space with a relaxed vibe and it’s own bowling alley and Crema, a nicely designed coffee shop with a really good latte. Here are a few of my other highlights…

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Ballet and Blooms


Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is a wonderful one for you. Sorry if you’re on a health, no sugar, vegan, whatever kick but there’s going to be lots of cakey and foodie travel posts coming up this week. Having a little catch up to ease myself in to this year. Starting with this 80th birthday cake I made just before Christmas. I wanted to keep it pretty and floral while still

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