Gingerbread Steve

Ok, so this totally started out as a joke over a sunday roast a few weeks back. And it just so happens that I’m one of those people that takes jokes a little bit too far. I was discussing Christmas baking ideas with my friend Steve (you can see the birthday cake I made him here!) and thought it would be funny if someone made him and his dog Bai into gingerbread men…ta da! Embarassing Steve was the goal, which is one of my favourite things to do, especially at Christmas, especially when it’s time for presents. So when Steve opened his presents from me this year, there this little guy was. Yep, its totally creepy to see yourself as a biscuit and to probably make it in the first place, but it amused me no end. To make gingerbread Steve I made a template using this photo and this one of Bai. I baked them then iced them in stages, flooding, then adding the details. I think they are pretty accurate from Steve’s rolled up jeans to Bai’s collar buckle. The only thing that is missing is his beard, I thought best to leave him clean shaven. Merry Christmas Steve! Looking forward to more fun, adventures and burgers in 2014 x

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