Beyond Retro Christmas Jumpers


I know what you’re thinking. I’ve seen these biscuits before. You would be right. I made similar ones a couple of years ago when we had a ‘Christmas Jumper Party’. I tweeted about them last week and Beyond Retro got in touch about having them at their Christmas Launch Party. I was of course really excited as I love Beyond Retro. I’ve been visiting their shops for ages, especially when I was at Uni in Brighton. They always have the best stuff and I’ve purchased numerous exciting everyday pieces, fancy dress elements, Halloween costumes and my favourite Christmas Jumpers. They have the best Christmas Jumper selection and I was thrilled to hear they were opening a pop-up dedicated to them. The shop, which supports Save the Children, is located in Old Street Station and is a treasure trove of festive finds from jumpers, skirts, sequin-covered party wear to accessories. The party was last night and featured amazing nail art, carols by Elle and the Pocket Belles and of course, I couldn’t resist picking up a new shiny sweater. The biscuits I made were to be given out as favours so I individually wrapped them and finished them with red velvet ribbon. This time around I upgraded my cutter and used this Lakeland one as it was a nicer shape and made for a bigger biscuit. I then flooded and decorated them using royal icing. I chose to recreate some of my original designs and then added a few new ones especially for Beyond Retro (the blue and orange ones) inspired by some of their sweaters I saw online (such as this and this). A big thank you to Beyond Retro for including me in their event. Definitely go visit the Pop-up and get yourself cosy for Christmas!

Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_2 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_3Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_4 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_202Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_6 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_7 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_8 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_9 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_10 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_11 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_12 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_13 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_14 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_15 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_16 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_17 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_18 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_19 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_20 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_21 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_22 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_23 Beyond_Retro_Christmas_Jumpers_Afternoon_Crumbs_24

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3 thoughts on “Beyond Retro Christmas Jumpers

  1. Aww wow!! Those biscuits look so good and I bet they were tasty too :) And I really like the jumpers. They look so cosy, memorable and festive. Would not mind at all if one of them found its way into my wardrobe hehe.

    Mo x

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