Valentine’s Biscuit Balloons


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m SO ready for a bit of seasonal baking, some mushy music and heart-shaped presents. Whether you’re thinking of expressing your feelings for your partner or telling your friend how awesome they are, here’s an idea to add a little bit of fun to your day of love. I teamed up with my friend Alexia to create some Valentine’s inspired gifts centred around balloons. We each gave them our own twist, Alexia by incorporating her floristry skills and me including some baked goods. I began by baking some heart biscuits of different sizes. I had in mind to use the mini ones to attach to the balloons so they would not add too much weight and stay afloat. Within the hearts I cut even smaller heart holes so I could tie them on to the balloon string. I iced them in the traditional Valentine’s colours and added piped dots to decorate. After some brief disagreements with the helium cylinder I inflated heart balloons in red, pink and white and tied each one to stripey string. I gathered them together in a bunch and fastened the biscuits in a row down the strings. I used the larger biscuits I made to create a cute heart garland. I made some simple tissue paper tassels to separate the hearts and added a few smaller biscuits to the ends. We had so much fun crafting these balloons – head to Alexia’s post to see her creation. Major thanks to Steve for taking such great photos!

Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_02 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_03 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_04 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_05 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_06 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_07 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_08 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_09 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_10 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_11 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_12 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_13 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_14 Valentine's_Biscuit_Balloons_15

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