60 Years Loved


My parents have lived in our house for 30 years now and Brenda and Derek have been their neighbours since they moved in. This weekend was Brenda and Derek’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. Their lovely daughter asked me to make a two-tier cake for their celebration based on this cake of mine she had seen. The two levels of Victoria Sponge were covered in pink sugarpaste and decorated with hand made roses and hydrangea in different shades of pink. I loved making this cake because it was just SO pretty.

The cake topper finished off the cake perfectly. I ordered it from here and as I was standing there listening to Derek tell Brenda that he loved her even more than he did when he married her all those years ago I knew the words on it were perfect. I was so happy that I got be a part of their celebration. Happy 60th Anniversary Brenda and Derek! x

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