18th birthday cake

Happy 18th Birthday Sabrina


You’d think being asked to put someone’s whole life on a cake would be mega challenging, but I loved making this cake for the lovely Sabrina who turned 18 this week. I’ve been scheming with Sabrina’s Mum, Donna, about this cake for a while. She wanted the cake to tell the story of her life and represent all the people and things she loves. The three tier cake was covered in edible photos of her family, closest friends and the cutest old school photo I’ve ever seen. I made lots of sugar decorations including

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Gossip Girl Cake


Confession. I still haven’t finished watching Gossip Girl. It was one of those situations when you’re waiting for a friend to watch it, you binge watch a few series together, get distracted and never finish. One day I’ll get to the end – although Googling things for this cake gave away some pretty huge spoilers… It’s a bit strange I never finished watching it considering how much I loved the books. I liked all the characters and I adore New York so loved that it was set there. I was asked to make this Gossip Girl themed birthday cake for Kiana’s 16th. When designing the cake I wanted to include

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