Joshua Tree House


While this is a less sugar-based post from our travels, Joshua Tree was definitely my favourite stop so I had to share some pics from our stay there.

Steve and Alexia had been to Joshua Tree a year earlier and loved it. We wanted to visit too and stay a night in the desert before heading to Coachella.

We managed to find THE BEST Airbnb up in the hills. The house was perfect – it smelt of log fires and had a quirky mix of furniture and decorations like you would find in any Soho House. You can check all the details and more pretty photos here. After being in hotels it was really nice to all hang on a couch and have some lounge space to chat, listen to the extensive vinyl collection, sit by the fire and eat pizza together (not photographed was the Papa John’s we had delivered to what seemed the middle of nowhere!). We got up really early the next morning to

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I’m back from my month of travels! I’m slowly getting back to normal life – unpacking, catching up with friends and going through my holiday snaps. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite spots that we stopped at on our adventure – starting with Sugarfina!

Alexia and I have been creeping on Sugarfina through Instagram for a while now and it was on the top of our list of places to go in LA. We swung by as we were leaving LA to drive to Joshua Tree for some quality road trip snacks. The shop was cool and white and the most organised sweet shop I’ve ever been in. Clear boxes filled with unusual and imported ‘candy’ lined all the walls, filled bowls and even formed some pretty impressive floral displays.

I think I was still wandering around taking photos and pondering my sweet choice long after everyone else had paid. I ended up going for the birthday cake caramels (obviously), little smoothie-flavoured foam bears and the prettiest rose-shaped gummies. Alongside the sweet shop staples like

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April Adventures


This is a pretty cakeless blog post. It’s more of a PSA/life update. I’m very excited to be off on a little adventure the whole of April with Lauren, Alexia and Steve. We are heading back to Coachella festival and a few other places including LA, Vegas, Hawaii (!!!), Seattle and Portland. Please message me with any must-see places or food spots in any of these places – recommendations are always the best! I’m pretty excited to have time to see new parts of the world, be inspired and have the time to sketch and dream up lots of exciting cakey things for you all. I’ll be posting over on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (Alexia insisted I get it but I’m still learning) – hoping to share with you all the best parts of our trip and trying to fill your feed with as many yummy cakes as I can find. I’m going say

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Notes from New York


After a few days in Nashville we flew to New York. I was really excited to be in New York at this time as although Thanksgiving hadn’t happened yet there were still hints of Christmas emerging in the shops and street decorations. Here are some highlights from New York…

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