Gingerbread People


I think this Christmas I’m resigning to the fact that I’m just going to smell like gingerbread forever. Or possibly I’m just turning in to one of these guys. I adore making gingerbread – the smell (um the most festive of them all!!!), how nice the dough is to roll out and cut and how cute the end results always are. These guys might be one of my favourite things I’ve made this year. They were for a Christmas party and to be the name places at the table. The brief was

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Gingerbread Steve

Ok, so this totally started out as a joke over a sunday roast a few weeks back. And it just so happens that I’m one of those people that takes jokes a little bit too far. I was discussing Christmas baking ideas with my friend Steve (you can see the birthday cake I made him here!) and thought it would be funny if someone made him and his dog Bai into gingerbread men…ta da! Embarassing Steve was the goal, which is one of my favourite things to do, especially at Christmas, especially when it’s time for presents. So when

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Did you watch The OC when it was on? It was pretty great back then. The best thing to come from The O.C was the invention of Chrismukkah. The merging of Christmas and Hanukkah. So this year we decided to have a little Chrismukkah with our cute Canadian friends Emily and Teddy. They were to provide the Hanukkah bit and my sister and I the Christmas. It was such a great weekend full of

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Mushrooms for Moonflower

It was only a few weeks back that I was asked to do this for the amazing florists Moonflower. They were also on my list of people to thank this Christmas so I decided to make an edible version of one of the decorations in their magical Christmas display. In my mind mushrooms aren’t really the mostly Christmassy thing I can think of, but in a sparkly setting I was totally sold on it. I made these

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